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“We are not a coffee shop, we are coffee growers, traders and coffee roasters who work shoulder-to-shoulder with baristas, restaurant owners, hotel GM’s and food brokers. We supply the best coffee at the best prices, always with consistency in quality no matter the quantity” 

Ana Peña-Lundell | Co-Founder & Sales Associate

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We are a family-owned and operated coffee roasting facility in Utah. We are dedicated to providing roasted coffee in its finest form. We deliver fresh and unique coffee to order every week, no matter the volume.


Our various roast profiles are the result of the hard work of our team of experts with more than 35 years of experience. We have worked extensively with each stage of the coffee bean from seed to roast. We use sophisticated equipment to reach the perfect balance between color, flavor, and aroma.


Thanks to this balanced fusion, we have crafted products with the personality and quality necessary to maintain a preferential position in every consumer’s palate.

Cafe Don Jorge Coffee Roasting Facility
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