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Our Passion For Coffee Was Embedded In Us!

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

We are 4 siblings and we don't know why since our parents never impose the coffee business in us, we all have graduated from Universities from very different fields but all have study one thing in common, coffee from the ground up!


While our friend will get together over the weekend to play video games, play with makeup or go to concerts as we aged, we would go and play tag on the coffee farms, help pick-up coffee and weight it at the scales, jump on top of infinite rows of coffee bags sections to see who would have the longes jump among us 4.


Why not?!, people always ask us why Utah? we came to study at the University of Utah, fell in love with the mountains, the people and scene and said, well wheres the coffee with that latin touch? and so we went all in on it.


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Food Service or Retail?

We started with one single bag, just dominican coffee in a few grocery stores shelves, we got requested to do food service (hotels, restaurant, bakeries) by people that would go to the demo table and ask for their businesses. We left the retail part and focus on food service, and here we got approached at different events to be at groceries to that they can enjoy it every morning at with their loved ones at home, so we started the process of having just 5 of our blends on the grocery shelves.


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2 komentarze

I’m so glad to come across your coffee! It is the best I have had! I am always sharing and giving away bags for people to try! 😊

Odpowiada osobie:

We appreciate your support!! it is our biggest reward to read your comment. Thank you!


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